2015 Theft Totaled AUD$2.7 Billion: How Much Did Your Business Account For?

According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, Australian retailers lost AUD$2.7 billion in 2015 to theft. Such thefts included acts of shoplifting and ‘sweet-hearting’, which is when an employee’s friends and family members receive ‘special discounts’ that business owners are unaware of. These two types of theft account for 64% of the A$2.7 billion loss. The primary target for shoplifting and sweet-hearting are easily concealable high value retail products, and the data shows that crime peaks when shop floors are full, and internal business security systems become unsustainable.


How can you ensure that none of your business cash flow ends up on the Global Theft Barometer? Australian security systems are some of the best in the world if you have the right supplier and solution partner who can approach business security from many perspectives. This is where Chartercom Security Systems can help you. One of the greatest deterrents to ‘sweet-hearting’ and shoplifting is a visible CCTV surveillance system, and of course if anything is unaccounted for, the same system will help you identify and quickly resolve the problem. However, CCTV surveillance systems are rarely a case of one size fits all. Because Chartercom knows every business is unique, we offer unique and customized security solutions. We begin by considering the following five key areas;


1. Existing Security Benefits


How can lighting, floor planning and entrance/exit ways be employed to provide maximum-security benefits? We help you understand how to minimize risks with what you already have, so that you only end up purchasing what you really need and keep costs to a minimum.


2. Business Environment

What is the square footage of your business and how much of that space needs continuous security surveillance? Where are your key surveillance areas? We want to maximize security and minimize cost so rather than monitor unnecessary areas, we help you identify crucial surveillance zones.


3. Tailored CCTV Security System

Do you need night vision on your CCTV security system? From what distance do you need to be able to clearly identify individuals? How far and wide does your CCTV need to reach and at what range? Do you need a wireless security system? We take the time to assess and understand your needs so that you end up with a security solution that is right for your business.


4. Installation

Mounting, securing, aligning – we are experts in them all, so you get the maximum benefits from your CCTV security system purchase. We know the best solutions for wood, metal or drop tile ceiling and will ensure installation adds to the overall value of your business. With Chartercom you don’t need to put off security to a quieter time because our installation process is carried out at your convenience.


5. Viewing

We know you can’t be on site all the time, so we offer solutions that enable you to monitor your business remotely at any time. You can also talk to us about our Alarm Monitoring Systems, and if you would prefer one of our experts to monitor your premises.


6. Budget

We know you don’t only want to keep risk to a minimum. You want costs kept low as well. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions through cheap and unreliable products, but we do offer great CCTV security systems consisting only of high quality products that your business needs.



At Chartercom, We focus on your security so you can focus on your business. Don’t let ‘sweet-hearting’ or shoplifting put your business cash flow on the Global Theft Barometer. For a confidential assessment of your security needs contact us on 1300 844 844, or visit us as chartercomsecurity.com.au