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    CCTV Systems

    Today’s advancing technology means there is the possibility of continual monitoring of your commercial premises or retail store. How? Visual imaging and observation of your premises is done through the installation of state-of-the-art CCTV security systems.


    How CCTV Will Protect Your Commercial/Retail Space

    Installing cameras and CCTV security systems will work as a certain deterrent from possible burglary, whilst also serving to protect your premises through 24-hour, 365-day monitoring. Having Chartercom Security’s high quality cameras installed in your home is not only a serious deterrent for possible intruders; it is also going to work to assist police in their process of identification.

    The Key Benefits of CCTV

    Process of CCTV Installation

    Once you have identified your need for CCTV to be installed at your home or office premises, our licensed security engineers will arrive on site to determine the best placement for cameras. Choose to either rent, or buy a solution outright. Either way, we are here to ensure your chosen decision will work best for your particular security requirements.


    What is IP CCTV & How Will It Help?

    Chartercom Security is now offering IP CCTV Systems. Internet Protocol CCTV is one of the latest surveillance system technologies. Customers can connect their wireless Internet devices such as their SmartPhones or tablets to our security response centre directly, allowing access to the latest technology and secure solutions.

    The Benefits of IP CCTV

    Contact the team at Chartercom Security on 1300 844 844 today to discuss any number of our IP CCTV security options available for both your commercial or residential space.