Go the Extra Mile With Your Commercial Property Clients.

As a commercial real estate agent it’s important that you have tried and tested policies and procedures in place to ensure continuity and flow. Often, clients who are purchasing properties are time poor, so operating as a full service agent can really work in your favour. This doesn’t mean that you need to facilitate the entire process from start to finish, but if you can go that extra mile, it can prove to be advantageous for your business. So, what kind of suppliers should you have on your speed dial to ensure that every sale and purchase goes through seamlessly? Let’s take a look.


Cleaning Company:


Part of buying and selling a property is ensuring that the premises are clean and presentable for the new occupant. As part of your service as an agent, you can offer the name of a reputable cleaning company who can not only help to prepare the property for tenancy, but who can provide an ongoing service. In a commercial building and office environment, it’s essential that the building is kept to the highest of standards. A cleaning company who specialises in commercial real estate can not only perform a bond clean, but can also assist with tasks such as:


1. Cleaning car parks, windows and fire stairs

2. Cleaning and sanitising bins

3. Watering gardens

4. Replacing light bulbs


This could be a great service to a potential client as one less thing they have to worry about.




Another great contact you can share with your clients can be a reputable removalist. Moving into and out of a property is a potentially stressful time and it can be difficult to find the best movers to suit your needs. If you develop a good working relationship with a moving company you may be in the position to negotiate a referral deal. Perhaps you could foster a good connection with a moving company by consistently referring business and by encouraging cross promotion. Nevertheless, it is essential that you have upmost confidence in the service they provide as it has the potential to reflect negatively on your agency if they don’t perform.


Security Firm:


When a client buys a property, one of the first things that they are going to be concerned with doing is making sure that their new space is secure. As part of your service it is helpful to be able to offer the details of a reputable security firm. This will then tick off another dot point on your clients to do list; since your client trusts you to handle the purchase or sale of their property, they’ll also trust your judgement and thus referral. Offering the services of a security firm like Chartercom is a bonus for your client. Chartercom Security has an excellent reputation for strategic, innovative and cost effective security solutions for businesses Australia-wide, with such a referral only improving the reflection of your business.


If you provide a commercial real estate service that not only makes a purchase effortless, but one that also helps to make the lives of your clients easier, it will only serve to enhance your reputation as a full service buyers/sellers agent.



Chartercom can provide a custom security system for your clients. We have a range of security measures that can be actioned to give yourself and your client the piece of mind that you are dealing with the professionals and that all your bases are covered. Let Chartercom help your clients get the most out of their commercial security system. Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.