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    Home Security Systems

    All day everyday Chartercom Security’s expert and highly trained staff are available and accessible, ready to protect your home or business. Our range of home security systems & services will give you the ultimate in peace of mind.

    Alarm Monitoring

    Chartercom Security’s Back to Base Alarm Monitoring gives you 24 hours/365 days a year protection by alerting the Chartercom Security state-of-the-art Control Room if a security breach occurs at your premises.

    See our full list of Alarm Monitoring Services


    Chartercom Security specialises in the installation of domestic and commercial electronic security systems providing a basic system or one tailored to you particular requirements.


    We can service your security requirements Australia-wide via Chartercom Security’s own ‘National Protection Network’. For service response times and a range of maintenance and service packages within your region/s please contact our service manager on 1300 844 844 or email: security@chartercomsecurity.com.au

    Alarm Response

    Chartercom Security’s own Australia-wide ‘National Protection Network’ responds immediately to any request from our Control Room anywhere in Australia. Chartercom Security’s ‘Community Safe’ Response cars are on the road 24 hours/365 days a year throughout the Mornington Peninsula. Each car is highly visible and specifically equipped to assist Security Officers perform their first response duties effectively.

    Mobile Patrol Services

    A Chartercom Security mobile patrol vehicle acts as a deterrent to vandals and criminals due to its high visibility. A mobile patrol vehicle can visit your property as many times per day or night as is necessary. If the patrol vehicle spots a security breach, our Control Room will be notified immediately and your chosen contact will be informed.