How a Strong Security Presence Can Reduce Your OH&S Risk.


When you run a business you always need to be thinking about the best way to minimise occupational health and safety (OH&S) risks. A safe workplace is a successful workplace, and you need to have a strong culture of safety in order to keep your business thriving. There are many resources available from the relevant governing bodies to help you to assess and reduce risk wherever you can, but it’s important to always be on the front foot when it comes to managing your company’s safety.


A great way to ensure that you are actively reducing potential OH&S risks is to have regular updates and meetings about the potential for issues in your company. In these regular meetings you need to cover the risks and also look at the ways in which you can mitigate them. This is a huge step in the right direction – but what else can you do to reduce risks in the workplace? There is plenty of evidence that regular reviews, updates and action plans can work to manage risk and to keep staff safe – but this goes without saying. If you want to go above and beyond for safety in your workplace you need to do as much as you can.


One of the other key ways in which you can reduce your OH&S risk is to have a thorough security system in place that monitors and protects your staff and product. Lets have a look at this in more detail.


Prevention and management of aggression from patrons


One of the biggest risks to staff and members of your team is the risk of being physically or verbally assaulted by a member of the public. This is particularly prevalent in after hours venues (such as in the hospitality industry where alcohol is present), but it is also possible in the typical 9-5 work places. You can work to alleviate this risk by installing the appropriate monitoring devices – and whether it’s security cameras to deter people or extra on-site guards to protect staff – such measures have proven to mitigate risk. A combination of visible and more discreet measures are effective for protecting your property and staff, so be sure to take a look at the services available from Chartercom to find out about what could work for your business.


Improved health and safety management culture


If your staff sees that there is a strong presence of security and safety in the workplace (like CCTV and a security guard, for example) they will generally be less likely to feel unsafe, and will be less likely to behave in an unsafe manner. If you project a strong culture of safety, your staff will feel valued and looked after when at work and performing duties. This can translate into increased satisfaction at work.


Decreased staff injury due to greater surveillance


If your staff knows that you have CCTV, security, patrols and surveillance in place, they’re not going to perform an unsafe action with the knowledge that you will see them doing it! A strong security presence in your workplace will keep people accountable for their actions – reducing the risk of workplace injury.
Don’t forget that your overarching security system needs to function as part of your whole business plan. You need to strive to meet and beat targets for safety and adherence, and a strong focus on security will help you to get there.



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