How to Keep Your Warehouse Secure.


If your business is operating out of a warehouse or looks like it soon will be, there are some pretty specific things that you need to put in place (or confirm that you have) to ensure that your business is running smoothly and will continue to do so. Security is a big concern for any business owner, and you need to lay foundations to protect your assets and your staff. After all, your reputation and revenue depend on you being able to produce your product or service uninterrupted. If a security threat stops production for whatever reason it can severely compromise work flow. Warehouses are frequent targets for theft given the potentially large amount of valuable stock, the numerous access points and the often-secluded location. As a result, it’s vital that a comprehensive security system is part of your business. We wanted to highlight some of the key elements of warehouse security in an attempt to help you better protect your assets and give you greater peace of mind.


  1. Implement a sign-in process


If yours is a business where people are coming and going all day, it may be helpful for you to keep a closer eye on what’s going on by using a sign-in book or log. Simply make it part of your policy that all guests and visitors have to go via the main office to sign in in order to access your space. In the event that a theft does occur on your property you can narrow it down to a certain day and even time and then check your security camera footage from that date.


  1. Keep polices and boundaries signposted for staff


There are certain parts of your warehouse where everyone will need access to, and then there are areas in your space where only certain people will need to go to complete certain tasks. You need to signpost this kind of information very clearly so that there is no confusion from staff. In any warehouse there shouldn’t be persons in areas where they are not required. Restricting access means there’s less opportunity for people to claim items as their own. Shrinkage due to employee theft is a huge concern for business owners, and there are countless measures that you can put in place to keep your employees honest and accountable. Perhaps as part of your wider security plan your business could make it a rule that people have to park further away from the promises (to avoid theft of large or bulky items), or that staff have to work in partnerships – whatever the measures you take, you can easily limit opportunities for employee theft.


  1. Use many forms of surveillance


It should be a given that you have video surveillance in place, and people working around the clock to watch your property – but what if your warehouse has recently expanded? Do you have the security in place to cover the additional space? You should have onsite security if possible. It may be possible that your local police force can help to protect your property, or that you can contact a private security firm to provide surveillance. Using different types of security (like mobile patrols and alarm monitoring) can help you to cover all your bases.


  1. Utilise a security guard/routine patrol service


The most obvious time for an external burglary is at night, when there are few people around and under the cover of darkness. Obviously, you should try to keep your premises as well lit as possible and to keep guards on for a constant security presence. If you can use a security guard in your property you definitely should – it will definitely serve to discourage theft. A security vehicle parked out the front of your property or on a patrol will deter would-be thieves, as will a lighting system. If you have a particularly large property you do need to ensure that you have a sufficient number of guards to protect and patrol your entire warehouse.


  1. Use uniforms and name tags


As your business grows you’ll find it increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone. Theft can occur when brazen thieves simply walk in and steal items from your warehouse. You can alleviate the stress of not knowing who is who by using nametags and uniforms for your staff; thereby making it difficult for people who aren’t supposed to be in your warehouse to be there. It’s just another simple step to take to keep your business safe.



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