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    Keep Your Business Safe With Security Or Else…


    If you’re a business owner you’ll know how vital it is to consistantly strive to keep your company secure – whether it’s from internal risks like employee shrinkage or external threats like burglary. With that in mind, there’s more to being secure than simply bolting the door and hoping that people won’t work out where your weakness lies. Now more than ever, the threat to your business is multi-faceted and you need to be on the front foot when it comes to keeping your business safe. To ensure that you are protecting your company you need to be sure that you’re investing in and implementing best practice. Here are the most important things we feel you should cross off your security list first:



    ONE: Get good quality CCTV on your property


    There’s a huge amount to be said for the deterrent properties of installing CCTV for your business. Plus, if you combine a strong surveillance camera presence with additional services like security patrols and on-site guards, it will help to deter people from considering your property as a potential target. If would-be thieves do choose to ignore your security system they will do so at their own risk – your surveillance footage will be perfect for identifying them to police.



    TWO: Install the right kind of security fencing for your property


    Part of keeping your property safe and secure is having the right kind of fencing to keep the wrong people out, and the right people in and secure from threats. Appropriate fencing will work to deter potential intruders and will help to keep people safe, and when used in conjunction with your security system, you will observe the creation of a formidable team.



    THREE: Keep valuable items secure in a safe


    This might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but you need to ensure that you keep your valuables secure. The right kind of safe or locker is essential, however it must meet the needs of your insurance provider – how and where it’s installed can play a role in the reimbursement for a potential claim. Be sure to contact your insurance provider before you are caught on the back foot.



    FOUR: Use a firewall in your business


    The threats to your business aren’t just going to come from the physical world – they’ll also exist online. You need to ensure that you are keeping your online property safe and that you protect your data. Speak to your IT provider about this and ensure that it’s a well-established component of your overarching security system.



    FIVE: Use an alarm system



    A good system that works on motion sensors, or whatever is appropriate for your business, will help to keep your company secure. Speak to the expert team at Chartercom to find out more about their round-the-clock monitored security systems to figure out what would be the best fit for you and your business.



    Don’t forget that we can help you with any and all of your security concerns – so if you need a hand to keep your business safe and sound, get in touch today! At Chartercom we can formulate a custom security solution for your business that doesn’t only offer peace of mind but all of the benefits listed above. Let Chartercom help you get the most from your commercial security system.


    Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.



    When you talk to business owners, a major concern is the security of their business. They want to be assured that when they are away from their premises, and that the alarm system is securely protecting the premises against would-be intruders.


    It is a concern that is justified – we know from the statistics that there are proportionally more crimes committed against business than individuals.


    Business owners want protection against criminals who seek to destroy not only the hard work put into a business, but also the livelihood of staff. The loss of goods is not the only risk in this scenario, but the damage caused to premises during the break in is also a huge concern.


    And there is the psychological cost that flows from a burglary or theft. The mental and physical toll it can have when your business is violated. Generally your insurance and ongoing premiums will continue to rise after a break in occurs, and although insurance is a business necessity there will still be business interruption after a loss event and this will affect the profit of the company for a period.


    Our generations of experience at Chartercom Security mean we are able to provide customers with the peace of mind they need that there is someone watching over their business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day as part of our National Protection Network.


    We are very proud of our comprehensive alarm monitoring service. It forms a part of a holistic security system solution we can tailor to the needs of your business. We protect some of the nation’s biggest brands – Nike, Mercedes, Toys R Us, Country Road, iSelect, Transpacific and Priceline among many.



    How alarm surveillance works:


    Chartercom delivers the fastest possible response times by providing clients with the very latest proven technologies in alarm monitoring and security management. We operate a state-of-the-art Security Control Room accredited by VSI/ASIAL. Manned 24 hours/365 days a year by our expert and highly trained operators using our advanced, high-speed notification system we guarantee you the fastest and most accurate notification possible of any security breach.


    When a breach occurs the control room operators will be immediately alerted via the alarm dialling out through a local PSTN or a GPRS unit, of which can be supported by a tailored Chartercom CCTV solution, providing real time vision of what is occurring at your business.


    Our control room can then dispatch an alarm vehicle, providing a rapid, on-the-ground response from our expert security team.


    Depending on the level of cover you choose with Chartercom, you can also include mobile patrol services that act as a deterrent against any would-be break-ins. This level of protection is available as part of our business monitoring package – one we recommend for commercial premises.


    Our experience at Chartercom means that when it comes to security, we know that prevention is the best form of protection.


    Alarm monitoring systems, patrols and state-of-the-art CCTV systems form part of that tailored solution to your security needs, providing the peace-of-mind that your premises are being watched over, all the time.



    The team at Chartercom Security is dedicated to keeping your business and your staff safe. For a confidential assessment of your security needs, contact us on 1300 844 844, or visit our website chartercomsecurity.com.au and remember Relax, we’re there when you’re not!