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    Things to Remember When Relocating Your Business


    Moving offices will become part of every business at some point or another, often proving to be an exasperating period of time. This is mainly owing to the huge amount of work that needs to be done in order to make sure things run smoothly. You also need to ensure that disruption to your everyday operations is minimal. Often, security is one of the last things on the list, but at such a busy time, many other items can also be left off the list!


    To help you with planning your office move, we have put together a list of the things you need to remember so that moving offices is a walk in the park!



    Before you make the move to a new office you need to make a plan. Here are some key things to consider:


    ONE: Where is the furniture is going to go? How is it going to be moved and where it will be stored while the move is taking place? In order to figure this out and to make it as easy as possible, it’s helpful if you do something like give each piece of furniture a number – either using a sticker or some kind of labelling tool – or with pictures. Then you simply need to identify where the numbered items sit currently, and where they’re going to sit in the new space.


    TWO: What are your technical requirements in the new space? If you’re a business that relies heavily on the online space as part of your work then you’ll need to ensure that you have this all sorted out prior to the move. Speak with your information technology department about this to ensure that there’s no delay in the transition of services.


    THREE: Access on the day of the move to both of your locations is essential for a hassle free transition. Ensure that you have worked this out and that you won’t be hindered by not having prompt access to a space.


    FOUR: What’s the security going to be like at your new premises? Have you given some thought to who is going to be providing the security for your new property? It’s vital that you figure this out ahead of time so that the safety of your business isn’t compromised by downtime in the security and protection.



    When it’s the big day (or days) for the move, you need to think of the following:


    ONE: How are you going organise your staff to ensure that they’re being productive? It’s helpful to set a team leader for your moving day – and possibly allocate a few different leaders to various areas and responsibilities. By doing this you ensure that you have people organised, and that you have someone who is accountable for each task.


    TWO: Have you tied up all loose ends? When you move out of one property and into another it’s important that you fulfil the conditions of your lease or sale, and that you have tied up all the loose ends like conditions of the tenancy and final/first payments. If you need to clean your old property to a certain standard, ensure that you have lined adequate cleaners for the job.


    THREE: Have you shut down all relevant accounts like electricity and internet? If you haven’t considered the accounts that you have for a property, then now is the time to do it! You can either shut down your existing services or transfer the accounts that you hold to a new property.



    After the move reward your staff for their work during this potentially stressful time with some team bonding exercises and maybe a team lunch after the move is done and dusted.



    Hopefully your next big move goes as smoothly as possible and you manage to pull it off without a hitch, and don’t forget to line up your security so that you’re protected from the moment you sign that lease or contract!


    If you have a big move coming up and haven’t thought of shifting your security solution from one location to another, get in touch with Chartercom Security today! We will keep you covered from the very start to the very end of the move and beyond!


    Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.

    As a commercial real estate agent it’s important that you have tried and tested policies and procedures in place to ensure continuity and flow. Often, clients who are purchasing properties are time poor, so operating as a full service agent can really work in your favour. This doesn’t mean that you need to facilitate the entire process from start to finish, but if you can go that extra mile, it can prove to be advantageous for your business. So, what kind of suppliers should you have on your speed dial to ensure that every sale and purchase goes through seamlessly? Let’s take a look.


    Cleaning Company:


    Part of buying and selling a property is ensuring that the premises are clean and presentable for the new occupant. As part of your service as an agent, you can offer the name of a reputable cleaning company who can not only help to prepare the property for tenancy, but who can provide an ongoing service. In a commercial building and office environment, it’s essential that the building is kept to the highest of standards. A cleaning company who specialises in commercial real estate can not only perform a bond clean, but can also assist with tasks such as:


    1. Cleaning car parks, windows and fire stairs

    2. Cleaning and sanitising bins

    3. Watering gardens

    4. Replacing light bulbs


    This could be a great service to a potential client as one less thing they have to worry about.




    Another great contact you can share with your clients can be a reputable removalist. Moving into and out of a property is a potentially stressful time and it can be difficult to find the best movers to suit your needs. If you develop a good working relationship with a moving company you may be in the position to negotiate a referral deal. Perhaps you could foster a good connection with a moving company by consistently referring business and by encouraging cross promotion. Nevertheless, it is essential that you have upmost confidence in the service they provide as it has the potential to reflect negatively on your agency if they don’t perform.


    Security Firm:


    When a client buys a property, one of the first things that they are going to be concerned with doing is making sure that their new space is secure. As part of your service it is helpful to be able to offer the details of a reputable security firm. This will then tick off another dot point on your clients to do list; since your client trusts you to handle the purchase or sale of their property, they’ll also trust your judgement and thus referral. Offering the services of a security firm like Chartercom is a bonus for your client. Chartercom Security has an excellent reputation for strategic, innovative and cost effective security solutions for businesses Australia-wide, with such a referral only improving the reflection of your business.


    If you provide a commercial real estate service that not only makes a purchase effortless, but one that also helps to make the lives of your clients easier, it will only serve to enhance your reputation as a full service buyers/sellers agent.



    Chartercom can provide a custom security system for your clients. We have a range of security measures that can be actioned to give yourself and your client the piece of mind that you are dealing with the professionals and that all your bases are covered. Let Chartercom help your clients get the most out of their commercial security system. Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.

    Having the right kind of security system for your business is a key part of protecting your staff and assets. There are numerous security measures that you can invest in to protect your company, and yet there are still so many businesses who aren’t sufficiently protected, or who don’t know what they need to invest in. We’d like to take a look at the potential risks for when an appropriate security system is absent and examine measures that you can implement to ensure that you’re protected.


    Problem one – Employee theft

    A huge problem within Australian businesses is the prevalence of employee theft. Australian Federal Police statistics show that 70 percent of business fraud losses come from staff and former staff. This has cost Australian businesses over $1.5 billion in annual revenue. Additionally, the Australian Retailers Association estimates that 55 per cent of stock shrinkage is directly related to employee theft. Employee theft is something that you really need to be aware of. One of the biggest deterrents for this is the installation of a working and comprehensive security system. It works to prevent staff from considering theft and makes them increasingly accountable for their actions. Although you want to expect the best from your staff you need to prepare for the worst, and a surveillance system is a great way to both protect your business and to make people accountable for their actions.


    Problem two – Break & Enter

    Another huge concern for any business owner is the problem of theft from an external source. Any business owner who has experienced this for themselves will understand how problematic it is to deal with the aftermath of theft. Not only will you potentially be missing stock and valuables, but you’ll also have to deal with police and insurance companies, and staff may feel unsettled or unsafe in the workplace. There are many ways to protect your property, and getting security patrols for your property, installing a 24-hour-monitored security alarm and increasing your security guard presence is a huge deterrent to potential thieves.


    Problem three – Patron violence

    When you operate a business where you have people coming and going from your venue (say for example, a bar or restaurant) you need to be sure that your staff are safe from unwelcome patron behaviours. A good way to ensure that your staff are safe is to consider the option of a mobile patrol service in conjunction with on-site guards. This presence will work to deter would-be attackers. Plus, if you use a physical presence in combination with monitored security surveillance you can work to ensure that if there is any foul play, you have the whole event captured on camera and guards at the ready.


    Problem four – Staff feel unsafe

    It’s vital that you have a culture of safety in your workplace and that you are working to make sure that your staff feel well looked after. A great way to ensure that your staff are always feeling secure is if you have appropriate security and surveillance in and around your property. If possible, a great addition to your security system is surveillance in and on the way to car parks, including guards and security patrols, especially if you have staff arriving or leaving very early or very late throughout the day or night. You could also have security checkpoints for your staff to have to pass in and out of as an added measure.


    This is by no means an exhaustive list of the potential problems that can occur when you don’t have a comprehensive security system in place. There are myriad potential issues – and it really does pay to be aware and proactive in order to be as safe as possible. If you need help with your security or if you just have a couple of questions, feel free to get in touch and we can assist you with any and all of your security needs.


    Let Chartercom Security create a personalised commercial security system for your business to keep you safe around the clock. Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.


    In this day and age, it’s sad but its true that no company can afford to overlook its business security. Even companies with relatively small premises would be foolish to think their small size means security is not a priority. Security should be on every business owners ‘to-do-list’. Now is always the right time to safeguard your business and minimize crime risk from opportunists, organized crime and even internal staff. If business security is a new concept for you or you are not sure where to begin, then let me point you in the right direction. Here are five security basics to remember when implementing security system for your business:


    1. Vigilance is Key
    Be mindful of what’s happening on your premises and who is coming in and out. Ongoing vigilance is crucial for business security, but there are usually key times when added consciousness is necessary such as opening and closing times and peak periods. Providing training for employees is also highly advisable. Help them to know the tell tail signs of suspicious behavior within your premises.


    2. Get Help From a Security Company
    Some security issues might be possible to D.I.Y. However, the impact of professional help should never be underestimated. Experts in the field simply cover angles you might not think of, and there are other practical realities as well. For example, having a home made video monitoring system on your phone may alert you to a security threat (if you are looking at it at the right time), but once alerted what do you do? Security companies can provide you not only with 24/7 surveillance, but also with a contingency plan. They will immediately set in motion the necessary actions to stop security breaches within moments of them happening. The peace of mind alone this provides is priceless.


    3. Floor plan and lighting
    Premises can be secured by more than just bolts and keys. A major factor in crime prevention is lighting and furniture/product placement. Main windows, all entrances and exits should be well lit and not obstructed by furniture or product displays. The bottom line is that keeping your premises visible reduces potential crime.


    4. Data Security
    It is not only physical products and premises that need protecting from security threats. Your data also needs securing not only to protect staff and customers, but also your reputation as a company worthy of trust. Furthermore, securing data properly helps your business avoid possible fines due to legal liability. Again it is highly advisable to speak to a professional about how to best protect your data. Nowadays multiple options exist beyond basic firewalls. Logging, role based access, encryption and partitioning are additional data security options.


    5. Create Security Policies
    In all cases, have a plan in place not only to prevent security risks, but also to know what to do in the event of one actually happening. It’s worth training everyone on your staff list what to do in such cases. If you have multiple premises make sure communication lines are open about security. If staff transfer from one location to another they need the correct information. Business wide procedures are as important for security as they are for sales or HR. What course of action should be taken in the event of different security breaks and who is the first person to call? To avoid panic or the escalation of an emergency all staff members should know the policy on business security solutions.



    If you would like some expert advice on how to secure your business call Chartercom today on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au. You’ll be joining companies like Priceline, Bupa, Country Road, iSelect and Nike who have selected Chartercom for their business security needs.



    I’m often asked about what makes up the best elements of a security system, and invariably, the discussion turns to CCTV.


    CCTV has become an everyday part of our lives, both in the community and the workplace. But not all CCTV systems are created equal. Based on generations of experience in developing world-class security systems, our team at Chartercom Security knows the value and protection offered by a CCTV system tailored to your needs.


    It is this reason why we have been employed to protect some of Australia’s most high profile brands; including that of Ford, BP, Nike, Mercedes, Toys R Us and Country Road among many.


    So why look at CCTV as part of your security solution? Here are the Top Six reasons how CCTV can work for you:



    1. Stopping theft


    Preventing theft is both time-consuming and costly. Even the highest trained staff can only do so much to guard against would-be thieves. A big advantage of a well designed, state-of-the-art CCTV system is that there is always an eye on potential thieves, acting as a powerful deterrent. It also has the added benefit of guarding against stock shrinkage from within your own staff or delivery personnel. CCTV also serves as a powerful training tool to provide team members with information on common methods of theft, blind spots where theft occurs, real-time footage throughout an event of shoplifting, and can even help to dictate future floor coverage by staff to effectively prevent theft


    2. Keeping your employees safe


    Most of the time, interactions between consumers and staff are pleasant, peaceful and professional. However, there is always potential that a situation may arise whereby members of staff are placed in a position of risk. This is where CCTV can provide a level of protection from members of the public who might behave in a threatening or disorderly way. By implementing a Chartercom Security CCTV system, the safety of both patrons and staff are ensured; nevertheless, if required, a clear and accurate record of the incident can be immediately provided by the system. Notably, the very presence of our cameras acts as a deterrent for potential offenders.


    3. Sending a clear message to vandals


    The indiscriminate and often random destruction of property is a kind of behaviour that is hard to comprehend. The associated repair costs of vandalism can pose huge financial burden to any company, making it one of the biggest security risks your business may face. A CCTV system is a clear, visible statement to potential vandals that they are being watched and recorded. It’s a powerful deterrent and protection for your business, staff and customers.


    4. Knowing that someone is always watching out


    When it comes to peace of mind, the knowledge that there is always an eye on your operations is hard to beat. No matter how hard we try, we can’t be everywhere, let alone see everything. That’s the kind of security a Chartercom CCTV system provides, offering reassurance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It guards against theft and wards off intruders. Additionally, there is the added benefit that staff are less likely to take shortcuts that could endanger their safety or hinder organisational productivity. An additional benefit of the Chartercom CCTV system is that it can be monitored anytime, anywhere, and via any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC.


    5. When something goes wrong


    Even with the deterrence provided by a CCTV system, workplace incidents can still occur. That’s when a CCTV system from Chartercom Security will step in to provide irrefutable evidence required to establish the facts surrounding an event, ensuring those responsible are held accountable. From criminal and civil actions to insurance claims, CCTV can provide the hard evidence that’s needed for a speedy resolution.


    6. External support/cost saving


    Where a business has more than one location, a CCTV system is an ideal aid that allows an external view into that location. This may be from a Head Office, or Regional Manager, the Owner of multiple locations, as well as the marketing or visual merchandising team. The system allows them to remotely view the location and thus provide valuable support, often decreasing the need of travel. Therefore it can be seen that a Chartercom Security CCTV system can facilitate business continuity and reduce operational costs.



    At Chartercom Security, our commitment is to keep you, your employees and your business safe and protected. Contact our team for a confidential assessment of your protection needs, and the peace-of­-mind solutions that we can provide, call us on 1300 844 844 or via our website www.chartercomsecurity.com.au