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    Watching Out: How CCTV Can Keep Your Business Safe.



    I’m often asked about what makes up the best elements of a security system, and invariably, the discussion turns to CCTV.


    CCTV has become an everyday part of our lives, both in the community and the workplace. But not all CCTV systems are created equal. Based on generations of experience in developing world-class security systems, our team at Chartercom Security knows the value and protection offered by a CCTV system tailored to your needs.


    It is this reason why we have been employed to protect some of Australia’s most high profile brands; including that of Ford, BP, Nike, Mercedes, Toys R Us and Country Road among many.


    So why look at CCTV as part of your security solution? Here are the Top Six reasons how CCTV can work for you:



    1. Stopping theft


    Preventing theft is both time-consuming and costly. Even the highest trained staff can only do so much to guard against would-be thieves. A big advantage of a well designed, state-of-the-art CCTV system is that there is always an eye on potential thieves, acting as a powerful deterrent. It also has the added benefit of guarding against stock shrinkage from within your own staff or delivery personnel. CCTV also serves as a powerful training tool to provide team members with information on common methods of theft, blind spots where theft occurs, real-time footage throughout an event of shoplifting, and can even help to dictate future floor coverage by staff to effectively prevent theft


    2. Keeping your employees safe


    Most of the time, interactions between consumers and staff are pleasant, peaceful and professional. However, there is always potential that a situation may arise whereby members of staff are placed in a position of risk. This is where CCTV can provide a level of protection from members of the public who might behave in a threatening or disorderly way. By implementing a Chartercom Security CCTV system, the safety of both patrons and staff are ensured; nevertheless, if required, a clear and accurate record of the incident can be immediately provided by the system. Notably, the very presence of our cameras acts as a deterrent for potential offenders.


    3. Sending a clear message to vandals


    The indiscriminate and often random destruction of property is a kind of behaviour that is hard to comprehend. The associated repair costs of vandalism can pose huge financial burden to any company, making it one of the biggest security risks your business may face. A CCTV system is a clear, visible statement to potential vandals that they are being watched and recorded. It’s a powerful deterrent and protection for your business, staff and customers.


    4. Knowing that someone is always watching out


    When it comes to peace of mind, the knowledge that there is always an eye on your operations is hard to beat. No matter how hard we try, we can’t be everywhere, let alone see everything. That’s the kind of security a Chartercom CCTV system provides, offering reassurance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It guards against theft and wards off intruders. Additionally, there is the added benefit that staff are less likely to take shortcuts that could endanger their safety or hinder organisational productivity. An additional benefit of the Chartercom CCTV system is that it can be monitored anytime, anywhere, and via any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC.


    5. When something goes wrong


    Even with the deterrence provided by a CCTV system, workplace incidents can still occur. That’s when a CCTV system from Chartercom Security will step in to provide irrefutable evidence required to establish the facts surrounding an event, ensuring those responsible are held accountable. From criminal and civil actions to insurance claims, CCTV can provide the hard evidence that’s needed for a speedy resolution.


    6. External support/cost saving


    Where a business has more than one location, a CCTV system is an ideal aid that allows an external view into that location. This may be from a Head Office, or Regional Manager, the Owner of multiple locations, as well as the marketing or visual merchandising team. The system allows them to remotely view the location and thus provide valuable support, often decreasing the need of travel. Therefore it can be seen that a Chartercom Security CCTV system can facilitate business continuity and reduce operational costs.



    At Chartercom Security, our commitment is to keep you, your employees and your business safe and protected. Contact our team for a confidential assessment of your protection needs, and the peace-of­-mind solutions that we can provide, call us on 1300 844 844 or via our website www.chartercomsecurity.com.au