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    Pregnancy Tests, Cheese, and Razor Blades: What’s the Common Denominator?

    They are the top items stolen from supermarkets around the world. The zeitgeist of supermarket theft is shifting. No longer are shoplifters focusing on traditional CRAVED (concealable, removable, available, valuable, enjoyable, disposable) goods such as batteries, brand named drugs, or products like printer cartridges that they try and exchange for cash at a later date. This is partly because many old school CRAVED goods are kept behind counters or carry a security tag. Not so with the humble cheese, which means supermarket security cannot be planed car-philly enough – sorry I couldn’t resist. As for pregnancy tests, they are often used in store and ditched in toilet bins. In Australia alone, supermarkets loose as much as A$2.9 billion annually to acts like these which are labeled, rather euphemistically, by the industry as ‘shrink’.


    The people responsible for shrink are not always the usual suspects. Petty thieves are using pregnancy tests in the bathroom, but there are also serial thieves, and organised theft rings. It’s not only adolescents who steal, although for the moment they still make up the largest percentage of age category caught shoplifting. One theft ring in America was composed only of senior citizens, where one would steal an item and another would return it for cash in a few days time. Here in Victoria, there has been a rise in light fingered geriatrics with five shoplifters aged over 70 being caught each week, but often facing reduced or lesser charges because of their (unexpected) age.


    There isn’t a major supermarket chain anywhere on the planet that doesn’t employ a security system to reduce its shrinkage. Security measures and processes need to be implemented across all stores in the chain with some uniformity. However, expert knowledge should assist in understanding why some stores are targeted more than others and how security can be tailored in that particular store location. These practices need to be updated as thieves change preferences and practices so the store is always one step ahead. This is the kind of expertise Chartercom can offer chain store operators. Our solutions are not based on yesterday’s information or cookie cutter notions of ‘one security solution suits all’. When products like cheese suddenly enter the top ten choice items for shoplifters, we assist retailers with store plans, security cameras, product placement, and security gates to target this new theft hot spot without neglecting others. Costco selected Chartercom for their security needs because they know we are experts in this field.


    For a confidential consultation to assess your stores’ security needs call Chartercom today on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au to see how we can help. You would be Edam fool not to! Ok enough of the cheesy jokes.


    If your business is operating out of a warehouse or looks like it soon will be, there are some pretty specific things that you need to put in place (or confirm that you have) to ensure that your business is running smoothly and will continue to do so. Security is a big concern for any business owner, and you need to lay foundations to protect your assets and your staff. After all, your reputation and revenue depend on you being able to produce your product or service uninterrupted. If a security threat stops production for whatever reason it can severely compromise work flow. Warehouses are frequent targets for theft given the potentially large amount of valuable stock, the numerous access points and the often-secluded location. As a result, it’s vital that a comprehensive security system is part of your business. We wanted to highlight some of the key elements of warehouse security in an attempt to help you better protect your assets and give you greater peace of mind.


    1. Implement a sign-in process


    If yours is a business where people are coming and going all day, it may be helpful for you to keep a closer eye on what’s going on by using a sign-in book or log. Simply make it part of your policy that all guests and visitors have to go via the main office to sign in in order to access your space. In the event that a theft does occur on your property you can narrow it down to a certain day and even time and then check your security camera footage from that date.


    1. Keep polices and boundaries signposted for staff


    There are certain parts of your warehouse where everyone will need access to, and then there are areas in your space where only certain people will need to go to complete certain tasks. You need to signpost this kind of information very clearly so that there is no confusion from staff. In any warehouse there shouldn’t be persons in areas where they are not required. Restricting access means there’s less opportunity for people to claim items as their own. Shrinkage due to employee theft is a huge concern for business owners, and there are countless measures that you can put in place to keep your employees honest and accountable. Perhaps as part of your wider security plan your business could make it a rule that people have to park further away from the promises (to avoid theft of large or bulky items), or that staff have to work in partnerships – whatever the measures you take, you can easily limit opportunities for employee theft.


    1. Use many forms of surveillance


    It should be a given that you have video surveillance in place, and people working around the clock to watch your property – but what if your warehouse has recently expanded? Do you have the security in place to cover the additional space? You should have onsite security if possible. It may be possible that your local police force can help to protect your property, or that you can contact a private security firm to provide surveillance. Using different types of security (like mobile patrols and alarm monitoring) can help you to cover all your bases.


    1. Utilise a security guard/routine patrol service


    The most obvious time for an external burglary is at night, when there are few people around and under the cover of darkness. Obviously, you should try to keep your premises as well lit as possible and to keep guards on for a constant security presence. If you can use a security guard in your property you definitely should – it will definitely serve to discourage theft. A security vehicle parked out the front of your property or on a patrol will deter would-be thieves, as will a lighting system. If you have a particularly large property you do need to ensure that you have a sufficient number of guards to protect and patrol your entire warehouse.


    1. Use uniforms and name tags


    As your business grows you’ll find it increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone. Theft can occur when brazen thieves simply walk in and steal items from your warehouse. You can alleviate the stress of not knowing who is who by using nametags and uniforms for your staff; thereby making it difficult for people who aren’t supposed to be in your warehouse to be there. It’s just another simple step to take to keep your business safe.



    Don’t forget that you can always call on Chartercom Security for any and all of your warehouse security needs.



    We at Chartercom Security are ready to provide you and your warehouse with a custom security solution that will safeguard your staff and merchandise around the clock. Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.


    Having the right kind of security system for your business is a key part of protecting your staff and assets. There are numerous security measures that you can invest in to protect your company, and yet there are still so many businesses who aren’t sufficiently protected, or who don’t know what they need to invest in. We’d like to take a look at the potential risks for when an appropriate security system is absent and examine measures that you can implement to ensure that you’re protected.


    Problem one – Employee theft

    A huge problem within Australian businesses is the prevalence of employee theft. Australian Federal Police statistics show that 70 percent of business fraud losses come from staff and former staff. This has cost Australian businesses over $1.5 billion in annual revenue. Additionally, the Australian Retailers Association estimates that 55 per cent of stock shrinkage is directly related to employee theft. Employee theft is something that you really need to be aware of. One of the biggest deterrents for this is the installation of a working and comprehensive security system. It works to prevent staff from considering theft and makes them increasingly accountable for their actions. Although you want to expect the best from your staff you need to prepare for the worst, and a surveillance system is a great way to both protect your business and to make people accountable for their actions.


    Problem two – Break & Enter

    Another huge concern for any business owner is the problem of theft from an external source. Any business owner who has experienced this for themselves will understand how problematic it is to deal with the aftermath of theft. Not only will you potentially be missing stock and valuables, but you’ll also have to deal with police and insurance companies, and staff may feel unsettled or unsafe in the workplace. There are many ways to protect your property, and getting security patrols for your property, installing a 24-hour-monitored security alarm and increasing your security guard presence is a huge deterrent to potential thieves.


    Problem three – Patron violence

    When you operate a business where you have people coming and going from your venue (say for example, a bar or restaurant) you need to be sure that your staff are safe from unwelcome patron behaviours. A good way to ensure that your staff are safe is to consider the option of a mobile patrol service in conjunction with on-site guards. This presence will work to deter would-be attackers. Plus, if you use a physical presence in combination with monitored security surveillance you can work to ensure that if there is any foul play, you have the whole event captured on camera and guards at the ready.


    Problem four – Staff feel unsafe

    It’s vital that you have a culture of safety in your workplace and that you are working to make sure that your staff feel well looked after. A great way to ensure that your staff are always feeling secure is if you have appropriate security and surveillance in and around your property. If possible, a great addition to your security system is surveillance in and on the way to car parks, including guards and security patrols, especially if you have staff arriving or leaving very early or very late throughout the day or night. You could also have security checkpoints for your staff to have to pass in and out of as an added measure.


    This is by no means an exhaustive list of the potential problems that can occur when you don’t have a comprehensive security system in place. There are myriad potential issues – and it really does pay to be aware and proactive in order to be as safe as possible. If you need help with your security or if you just have a couple of questions, feel free to get in touch and we can assist you with any and all of your security needs.


    Let Chartercom Security create a personalised commercial security system for your business to keep you safe around the clock. Call us on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au for a confidential assessment of your commercial security needs.


    In this day and age, it’s sad but its true that no company can afford to overlook its business security. Even companies with relatively small premises would be foolish to think their small size means security is not a priority. Security should be on every business owners ‘to-do-list’. Now is always the right time to safeguard your business and minimize crime risk from opportunists, organized crime and even internal staff. If business security is a new concept for you or you are not sure where to begin, then let me point you in the right direction. Here are five security basics to remember when implementing security system for your business:


    1. Vigilance is Key
    Be mindful of what’s happening on your premises and who is coming in and out. Ongoing vigilance is crucial for business security, but there are usually key times when added consciousness is necessary such as opening and closing times and peak periods. Providing training for employees is also highly advisable. Help them to know the tell tail signs of suspicious behavior within your premises.


    2. Get Help From a Security Company
    Some security issues might be possible to D.I.Y. However, the impact of professional help should never be underestimated. Experts in the field simply cover angles you might not think of, and there are other practical realities as well. For example, having a home made video monitoring system on your phone may alert you to a security threat (if you are looking at it at the right time), but once alerted what do you do? Security companies can provide you not only with 24/7 surveillance, but also with a contingency plan. They will immediately set in motion the necessary actions to stop security breaches within moments of them happening. The peace of mind alone this provides is priceless.


    3. Floor plan and lighting
    Premises can be secured by more than just bolts and keys. A major factor in crime prevention is lighting and furniture/product placement. Main windows, all entrances and exits should be well lit and not obstructed by furniture or product displays. The bottom line is that keeping your premises visible reduces potential crime.


    4. Data Security
    It is not only physical products and premises that need protecting from security threats. Your data also needs securing not only to protect staff and customers, but also your reputation as a company worthy of trust. Furthermore, securing data properly helps your business avoid possible fines due to legal liability. Again it is highly advisable to speak to a professional about how to best protect your data. Nowadays multiple options exist beyond basic firewalls. Logging, role based access, encryption and partitioning are additional data security options.


    5. Create Security Policies
    In all cases, have a plan in place not only to prevent security risks, but also to know what to do in the event of one actually happening. It’s worth training everyone on your staff list what to do in such cases. If you have multiple premises make sure communication lines are open about security. If staff transfer from one location to another they need the correct information. Business wide procedures are as important for security as they are for sales or HR. What course of action should be taken in the event of different security breaks and who is the first person to call? To avoid panic or the escalation of an emergency all staff members should know the policy on business security solutions.



    If you would like some expert advice on how to secure your business call Chartercom today on 1300 844 844 or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au. You’ll be joining companies like Priceline, Bupa, Country Road, iSelect and Nike who have selected Chartercom for their business security needs.

    According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, Australian retailers lost AUD$2.7 billion in 2015 to theft. Such thefts included acts of shoplifting and ‘sweet-hearting’, which is when an employee’s friends and family members receive ‘special discounts’ that business owners are unaware of. These two types of theft account for 64% of the A$2.7 billion loss. The primary target for shoplifting and sweet-hearting are easily concealable high value retail products, and the data shows that crime peaks when shop floors are full, and internal business security systems become unsustainable.


    How can you ensure that none of your business cash flow ends up on the Global Theft Barometer? Australian security systems are some of the best in the world if you have the right supplier and solution partner who can approach business security from many perspectives. This is where Chartercom Security Systems can help you. One of the greatest deterrents to ‘sweet-hearting’ and shoplifting is a visible CCTV surveillance system, and of course if anything is unaccounted for, the same system will help you identify and quickly resolve the problem. However, CCTV surveillance systems are rarely a case of one size fits all. Because Chartercom knows every business is unique, we offer unique and customized security solutions. We begin by considering the following five key areas;


    1. Existing Security Benefits


    How can lighting, floor planning and entrance/exit ways be employed to provide maximum-security benefits? We help you understand how to minimize risks with what you already have, so that you only end up purchasing what you really need and keep costs to a minimum.


    2. Business Environment

    What is the square footage of your business and how much of that space needs continuous security surveillance? Where are your key surveillance areas? We want to maximize security and minimize cost so rather than monitor unnecessary areas, we help you identify crucial surveillance zones.


    3. Tailored CCTV Security System

    Do you need night vision on your CCTV security system? From what distance do you need to be able to clearly identify individuals? How far and wide does your CCTV need to reach and at what range? Do you need a wireless security system? We take the time to assess and understand your needs so that you end up with a security solution that is right for your business.


    4. Installation

    Mounting, securing, aligning – we are experts in them all, so you get the maximum benefits from your CCTV security system purchase. We know the best solutions for wood, metal or drop tile ceiling and will ensure installation adds to the overall value of your business. With Chartercom you don’t need to put off security to a quieter time because our installation process is carried out at your convenience.


    5. Viewing

    We know you can’t be on site all the time, so we offer solutions that enable you to monitor your business remotely at any time. You can also talk to us about our Alarm Monitoring Systems, and if you would prefer one of our experts to monitor your premises.


    6. Budget

    We know you don’t only want to keep risk to a minimum. You want costs kept low as well. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions through cheap and unreliable products, but we do offer great CCTV security systems consisting only of high quality products that your business needs.



    At Chartercom, We focus on your security so you can focus on your business. Don’t let ‘sweet-hearting’ or shoplifting put your business cash flow on the Global Theft Barometer. For a confidential assessment of your security needs contact us on 1300 844 844, or visit us as chartercomsecurity.com.au