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    Why Business Security Should Never Be an Afterthought

    We are reaching the end of the financial year, which means there are a lot of essential tasks you’ll be putting on your to-do list: summarising income and expenses, conducting stocktake, collating records, completing the dreaded tax return, and getting budgets in order for the financial year ahead.


    Hopefully you’ve had a great year and you’re making plans for new hires or new premises as your business expands. I’d like to add one more item to the new financial year’s agenda: business security.


    Many CEOs still respond to the question of business security needs with a blank stare. And who can blame them? None of us enjoy thinking about worst-case scenarios. As business leaders, we have such clear visions of our business’ prosperous future that security risk becomes an afterthought. However, failing to incorporate security into your business plan leaves your business, and your vision of its future highly vulnerable.


    At Chartercom we have generations of experience in helping some of the nation’s best-known brands stay safe. We include Nike, Mercedes, Toys R Us, Country Road and iSelect among our customers. This financial year make security a priority for your business by including my top five recommended security measures to protect your business in your 2016/2017 plan:


    1. Surveillance of premises

    It is a fact that video cameras help prevent crimes and break-ins. Strategically placed CCTV deters criminals whether they are thieves or vandals, and often create a ‘halo effect’ by reducing risk in near by areas as well. Of course, in the event of crime CCTV helps restore justice. Some of the most famous arrests that came about as a direct result of CCTV include the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the 2005 London Terrorist Attacks.


    1. Alarm Monitoring

    One of the greatest benefits of professional alarm monitoring is peace of mind. You know your business is protected wherever you are because let’s face it, you can’t always be on site. Some companies start with self-monitoring, but in our experience they soon hand this over to professionals because the reality of responding to a threat as one individual without the proper resources is daunting, and often ineffective.


    1. Protect digital property physically

    It’s easy to forget that digital security begins at the physical level. Of course you should be protecting your digital property with passwords, firewalls, and encryption, but before any of that you need physical safety. Your server room should be fitted with appropriate locks, there should be lockable storage for vulnerable devices, and don’t neglect less obvious threats like printer theft due to the printer’s memory.


    1. Lighting

    This is perhaps the most basic of security measures. Going back to the printer, it is simply less likely to be stolen if it is located in a visible well-lit location. The same goes for all your property. Lighting is a key deterrent to crime.



    The Final Word

    The experts at Chartercom are ready to help you get your business security in tiptop shape for the coming financial year. So put security on your to do list and speak to one of our dedicated team members For a confidential assessment of your security needs, contact us on 1300 844 844, or visit us at chartercomsecurity.com.au