There’s More than One Way to Skin a Cat, But Which Way is Best?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat or so the saying goes, but with a lot of items on the to do list, there are really only two choices: do it myself or pay a professional. So, sure I can add a couple of shelves in the kitchen, but can I add a second story to my bungalow? I can brush my teeth everyday, but can I fill my own cavity? The same choice presents itself when deciding on the best way to secure your business. Nowadays there’s more than one way to stop a crook. But should you go DIY or call in the professionals? Let’s look at the pros and cons of self-monitoring versus 24/7 professional security monitoring.


Pros and cons of Self-Monitoring


The biggest advantage of self-monitoring has to be the cost. Once you have made the one off payment for the cameras and monitoring app, it is virtually free. There might just be a minimal monthly cost to keep the app running, but that’s usually about it. You can watch live video from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Sounds great, but in reality you get what you pay for, which means in this case not a lot. If you have no life outside of work, never sleep, your phone battery never dies and you never engage flight mode, self-monitoring might be for you. However, if you like to spend your weekends with the people who matter and not thinking about work, 24/7 professional monitoring might suit you better. What is often forgotten with self-monitoring is what you will do in the event of an alert that you can’t identify as false. Live video streaming might not allow you to confirm the exact issue meaning when you call the emergency services and inform them of this, you could be allocated a low priority response code. By the time you arrive on scene to confirm the issue the greatest damage may already have taken place or as a lone responder there might be very little you can do.



Pros and Cons 24/7 Professional Monitoring


Professional monitoring, like most professional services, is more expensive than the DIY version. But there are ways it can actually save you money. Professional CCTV systems remove the need for a security guard on site. Your ‘security guard’ is still watching 24 hours, 7 days a week, but he has been replaced by a team of experts at a Security Response Centre like those used by Melbourne’s top security provider, Chartercom. The moment any issue occurs your security team is deployed and you are notified while they are on route to respond with the appropriate action. From the Security Response Centre experts are able to identify the reason for an alarm and determine appropriate steps immediately based on generations of experience and the latest technology. Your security response team will often arrive before the relevant emergency services. Now that’s peace of mind, which for many is priceless.



The Final Word


Self-monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring both have their pros and cons. Ultimately the decision comes down to you. However, if you’d like a confidential assessment of how 24/7 professional monitoring from Chartercom can make your business safer and your life easier, then get in touch with one of our dedicated team members on 1300 844 844, or visit us at