8 Tips for Securing Your Home Over Winter

Contrary to popular belief, winter is also a prime time for thieves. Not only do some of us book long holidays to escape the cold, but the long dark nights make empty houses a great target.

So during these winter months it’s important to take extra steps to secure your home. Creating the impression that someone is home and installing visible security measures, such as CCTV cameras or alarm systems, can help to deter thieves and reduce the risk of a break-in.

We recommend following these 8 home security tips to help protect you, your family and your home:

  1. Double check doors and windows are locked before you leave the house. Research has found that 12 per cent of break-ins were through an unlocked window.
  2. Install time-switch lights. If you travel or get home late, setting automatic timers to turn the lights on when it gets dark can help to create the impression that someone is home.
  3. Ensure access points are well-lit. Exterior motion-sensor lights can also help to deter criminals.
  4. Check outdoor security equipment, such as lights and motion sensors, are working properly and haven’t been damaged by heavy rain or hail.
  5. Cut back shrubs and ensure the entrance to the home is visible from the street. This eliminates hiding spots.
  6. Store summer outdoor furniture and sporting equipment out-of-sight and under lock and key.
  7. A monitored alarm system is an added layer of security that can provide peace of mind. Seventy-one per cent of Australians don’t investigate or call the police when they hear an alarm, while a monitored alarm system ensures a response will be initiated and the incident appropriately handled.
  8. Install CCTV cameras around the property, most importantly protecting the entrances of your property.