Why Alarm Monitoring is Important

It might come as a surprise to you, but in a recent survey, 71% of respondents said that they take no notice of a sounding alarm and would not call authorities.

Even if they were to call the police, the police will not attend unless a break in is confirmed. So unless you know your neighbours mobile number, a sounding alarm will do only that. A fact, criminals are very well aware of.

Below is a list of why alarm systems monitoring is incredibly important.

  • Systems that promise to send automated SMS/text messages are inept. Text messages were not designed for security functions – there are often long delays before these messages are can be sent.
  • If an intruder sets off your automated alarm your mobile be switched off, out of range or busy. The automated system has no way of knowing this and the information would end up in cyber space
  • The time when back-to-base monitoring is most important is in a ‘home robbery’ situation, when you can activate your ‘panic’ button alerting security officers that you’re in a personal at risk situation. This function operates even when your alarm is switched off. Doing this with a self monitored mobile alarm is useless as the mobile is most probably at home with you.
  • If your alarm system goes faulty you will have a qualified security technician or control operator call you to alert you of the fault and either troubleshoot over the phone or send a technician out to rectify a problem. An automated text message cannot do this. Additionally, if your phone line is cut or damaged or the alarm cannot report, you will be notified immediately.
  • Monitoring centre security officers are able to identify the exact alarm point, and also know if multiple alarms have occurred (meaning that it’s almost certain that an intruder is moving around within the premises). Your mobile phone cannot access this important information.
  • Licensed security officers can quickly notify appropriate emergency response authorities, and will follow through and resolve in accordance with your pre-determined instructions.
  • If your monitored alarm system has smoke sensors connected, your mobile phone will not be able to identify a smoke alarm (which obviously requires a different and most urgent response)