Home Security Checklist

  • Prevent break-ins by being aware of the risk. Did you know that home burglaries increase by 10-20% in the summer months? Don’t be part of that statistic! Make sure all of your locks are in good working order, and lock all your doors and windows before you leave home.
  • Make sure your house looks “lived-in” while you’re away. Consider a house sitter to keep an eye on things. If you decide against a house sitter, make sure that your mail and newspapers don’t pile up, either by stopping delivery or enlisting the help of a friend or neighbour who can bring them inside. Use a timer to turn lights on and off, and keep curtains open so that a burglar in your home will not have the protection of covered windows.
  • Use common sense on social media. While you may be excited about your upcoming holiday, it’s not the best idea to let the world know your home will be unattended. Keep your comments vague and guarded, and wait until you get home to post your holiday snaps!
  • Consider a security system. Today’s security systems come with a variety of features so you can get as much or as little protection as you need. Remote monitoring is one feature that can help you feel secure while you’re away from home, because you’ll be able to keep tabs on your home, no matter where you are.
  • Don’t divulge details over your answering machine or voicemail. Outlining the dates you’ll be out of town is a constant advertisement to thieves of when they can break into your house. Have a simple “Can’t answer the phone right now, but will get back to you shortly”
  • Conceal Valuables. Keep all valuable items out of sight from peppers through the windows and doors. Don’t leave a spare key out in an obvious spot, and hide your car keys in a difficult spot inside the house
  • Hide signs of expensive property. Before you leave, make sure you don’t leave any signs that you have expensive property within the house. Don’t leave any boxes from TV’s, sound systems, computers/laptops etc. on your front veranda or carports
  • Alert your neighbours or Neighbourhood Watch. If you have trust worthy neighbours or a neighbourhood watch, alert them of your travel plans, when you are leaving, when you are returning, the name of your security company and the best number to call you on while you are away. Be mindful of any friends or family coming over to house sit or feed animals to avoid any unnecessary security callouts or police visits.