Your New Year’s Resolution: Protecting Your Business.



The start of the New Year can be an exciting time in business – new ideas and big plans, hopefully building on the success of the previous 12 months.


When the holiday break is over and your team is back on deck, it is a good time to assess where the business is at and what needs to be done to set you up for success.


Stock mix, sales strategy, advertising and hiring are often the items on the New Year to do list. Let me add one more: security.


More often than not, I find that some business owners regard the security of their premises and operations as almost an add-on to the running of the business. It can be relegated to an after-thought.


But good business is about maximising and enhancing your advantages, and a sophisticated approach to your security needs can set you apart from your competitors.


Rather than an add-on cost, security is actually a core element of how your business operates.


Chartercom Security’s generations of experience has given us a deep insight into designing the best security strategy for a business. It’s why we count among our customers some of the nation’s best-known brands – Nike, Mercedes, Toy R Us, Country Road, iSelect, Transpacific and Priceline among them.


So at Chartercom, we suggest that the start of the New Year is the best time to do an audit of your security needs. Consider the following:





These systems have become an everyday part of our lives, both in the community and the workplace. But in reality, there is a massive gulf between a state-of-the-art system and others that are not much more than a box mounted on the wall.


Our team at Chartercom Security knows the value and protection offered by a CCTV system tailored to your needs.


Stopping theft, stock shrinkage, keeping your employees safe and your premises protected from damage are among the advantages. At Chartercom we provide monitoring from our control room 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that there is always someone keeping an eye on your business.





We find that business owners think they have protection provided by an alarm, but often, they are relying on outdated and unreliable systems.


We are at the leading edge of technological developments in the security industry, and this extends to the the range of motion and movements sensors that pick up on any signs of unusual movements or body heat on your premises. Our systems are world-class and have been proven, with some of the biggest companies in the country, to protect businesses from the threat of theft.


Like our CCTV systems, the triggering of an alarm is immediately relayed to our control room, and one of our highly-visible mobile patrols can be dispatched. Our security teams provide an immediate, on-the-ground presence.





This is an area that is often over-looked by business when it comes to security.


We have worked extensively with some of the nation’s biggest retailers, and we know the value of good staff training as part of a strategy to prevent theft and stock shrinkage.


Educating your team on loss prevention can make a big difference to your bottom line. Staff need to know the company procedures, and knowledge and skills can be passed between staff at group meetings.


At Chartercom we are ready to assist with helping provide a tailored security solution for your business and that starts with identifying the risks and designing a system for your protection.



This year put security on the list and speak to one of our dedicated experts about keeping your business and your staff safe year round. For a confidential assessment of your security needs, contact us on 1300 844 844, or visit us at